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About The Art Gallery

Art United Rotorua Art Gallery Local Artists Pam Vincent And Sarj


Pam & Sarj

Rotorua photographer Pam Vincent and Rotorua artist Sarj have teamed up to create a gallery which was inspired by a pop up shop in Jan 2020.

After their joint success during the exhibition, they decided to create a collaborative space to share their work, along with the work of other Bay of Plenty artists. 


Supporting Rotorua Artists

By creating a collaborative space for Rotorua artists, Art United has become a hub of local talent and is a great place to purchase a piece of art for yourself, or as a gift.

Studio Space

Pam has a studio space at the gallery.

Art United Pam Vincent Photography Studio Setup


Mark McGregor makes custom canvases for local artists

Ink By Sarj

Tattoos by Sarj.

Ink By Sarj Banner
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