Amy Donnell

Sculpture Artist
Amy a Rotorua based sculpture artist.

Amy Donnell did her BFA(hons) at Elam School of Fine Arts in 2017.  A Registered Nurse and a mother of two, she has an interest in the concepts of re-enchantment and perceptual shifts as well as the steel construction process.  Amy won an Emerging artist award at the NZ Art Show 2018 with the Sky Crystals.

Current Work:

SCULPTURE – “Sky Crystals” (3)
2018, mild steel, sizes variable

In Sky Crystals, the geometric steel structures suspended from the ceiling cause the viewer to look upwards to examine it and explore different viewing angles to see different shapes and capture their imagination. The use of steel rods creates three-dimensional line drawings that define the space and project shadows.  The idea of sky crystals reference the multiple water molecules that make up clouds.

Amy’s process with steel mimics a sense of growing and expanding bond by bond; joining each rod as a form of three-dimensional mark making.  She continues to be fascinated by forms found in nature and seeks to illicit a sense of curiosity in her viewers.

These truely are beautiful and would look amazing all together in the right space; e.g. Office Foyer, Entrance that has a large void.

$699 each