Annie Seale

Mandala Art, Rotorua Artist
Originally from Australia but has lived in Rotorua now for some years.  Annie is passionate about Mandala Art.

‘Mandala’ or ‘circle of life’ is a meditative art form.  These decorative plates/placemats are hand-painted with water based acrylic paints and are one of a kind intricate pieces.  Colour, motion and beauty all coming together to create visual splendour.

Current Work:

Placemats and plates that could be hung on a wall or on placed on a small easel.
Sizes:  similar to large dinner plate or the smaller std plate
Prices range from $45 – $65

These are examples of some of her pieces that are available in the gallery.

If you don’t have space in your home for a large piece of artwork, these could be the perfect addition to add some colour, or is a lovely affordable gift idea.