Charlotte Farrow

Mixed Media, Mural, Painting
Hand Embellished, Mixed Media, Mural Artist
Charlotte has been making and selling art for over 12 years.  She started a family portrait business back in the UK with a friend. From there she experimented with many styles.

Her love for nature brought her to NZ and since being here she has been travelling around painting murals for community projects and local businesses.  A recent trip around Northland, where she now lives, was her inspiration for these pieces displayed.

“Art is my mediation, solitude and grounding.  Being in a flow state and creating pieces that evolve every time I pick up the brush.  I love to share my happy place with you and give out good vibes through intention, colour and symbols of happiness, freedom, connection to nature and good fortune.  New Zealand is my ultimate inspiration, it has given me so much opportunity and a chance to create what I love”.  


She is available for commission work &  murals, enquire instore.

Current Work:

All Prints are hand embellished on quality paper, limited edition, mix of Acrylic, Indian Ink & pen.


FLOWERFULL MIND (lady) $150 |  A3 Size


THE JOURNEY (red sun) $150 |  A3 Size


FURTHER DOWN THE RIVER  (blue river) $150 |  A3 Size


MAKARORI  (mountains & cherry blossom) $150 |  A3


MANDELA $40 | A5