Dale Swift

Mixed Media, Painting
Acrylics on Canvas, Collage Artist, Rotorua Artist
Collage & Mixed Media Artist.

These artworks are centered around my enjoyment of collage, photography and experimenting with textured paintings.  The history of collage is very interesting and goes back as far as the 1100’s in Japan.  There are now different ways to create collage and I myself prefer to use the traditional cut and paste method as well as placing images directly onto paint.  I find the process of textured painting liberating and I like the combination of placing flat images with texture.

New Work:

‘ECLIPSE’ $150 |  Collage with recycled Vintage frame | 80 x 58 cm

‘WORSLEY’ (the cat) $250 |  Collage on Canvas | 75 x 90 cm

Current Work:

3 Small works (left to right): $40 each
“TITLES:  SINGING TO HER LITTLE BROTHER  (20 x 26) |   BEATRICE (20 x 20 cm) |  RANDALL (20 x 26 cm) |

“FOX CUB GIRL” and “FOX CUB BOY” | 11 x 17 cm  retailing for $18 each

“PENELOPE PURPLE” (Prairie dog with princess Margaret outfit) $35 |  Collage on Canvas | 16 x 16 cm



‘RAY FELT NEAT IN HIS NEW CHUNKY JUMPER’  $120 | Collage with acrylic – framed | 51 x 60 cm (SOLD)

“ANNIE” (Deer)  $40 | Collage on Canvas | 18 x 23 cm (SOLD)

“POPPY” (Fox) $40 |  Collage on Canvas | 20 x 25 cm (SOLD)