Liz Williams

Acrylics on Canvas, Ohope Artist
I am a local artist from the beautiful Bay of Plenty residing and working from Ohope Beach.

I study with an exceptional artist Maree White who is an inspiration to me and my paintings have been well received and sold in  Australia and New Zealand.
Inspiration comes from my travels visiting many art galleries in Europe and enjoying the the “quirky” and abstract views of life  which shows through in many of my works,  I love to laugh, smile and enjoy life and hope when you purchase one of my paintings, it makes you smile too.

Current works:


POWER HOUSE  (Wave) $600 | acrylic on canvas board on frame | 90 x 51 cm


LIFE IN BLUE  $550 | acrylic on canvas on framed surround | 1160 x 92 cm


ANOTHER LIFE  $400 | acrylic on canvas/black frame | 63 x 53 cm


A CHIP ON HER SHOULDERS  $420 | acrylic, canvas over board, Framed | 60 x 85 cm


ALGA, A HEAD FULL OF NUMBERS $250 | acrylic, canvas over board, Framed | 68 x 52 cm


CHARLIEE  $400 | acrylic, canvas over board, Framed | 44 x 60 cm