Micheal Smith

Acrylics on Canvas, Landscape Painting, Rotorua Artist
A Rotorua-based writer, editor and publisher, he hopes others will find pleasure in the joy of nature.

Micheal expresses emotions through nature painted in acrylic and oil on canvas. His paintings in this group reflect a long love affair with Ohope Beach and how the sky, land and sea can create atmospheres, tensions and feelings.


Current Work:

Acrylic on Canvas | $65 each or set of 3 paintings for $180

Ohope #4 ‘I am Calm, Micheal’  |  51 x 40 cm

Ohope #5 ‘When spring meets summer I’  |  51 x 41 x 4 cm

Ohope #6 ‘When spring meets summer II’  |  51 x 40 cm



New Work:

Acrylic on Canvas – All are the same size 30 x 40 cm | $65 each or set of 3 paintings for $180

#1 – CAPTURED BY THE CLOUDS, “I am captured: by the clouds rushing over me”

#2 – FALLING THROUGH BUSH TO SAND, “After falling through the bush my feet sink in sand”

#3 – SUN FALLS LIGHTLY, “I am swept away as the sun falls lightly on the sea”