Razor Taser Laser

Graffiti, Mixed Media
Graffiti Artist, Rotorua Artist, Stencil Artist
Stencil Artist.
A talented self-taught stencil and street artist. Learned on the walls of Bristol (Banksy’s home town). Painted in Paris, London and Spain. Now back living the dream in Aotearoa.
Razor Taser Laser creates all his art by hand, from sketch, to hand cut stencil, to hand sprayed original. There are no prints.  All works are painted with spray paint from paper stencils that degrade over time. Many works on display are the first spray. He has created street art in Motueka, Wellington and Dunedin, and is now a full-time artist in Rotorua.

New Work:

SOMETHING DEEPER $250 | Spray paint on canvas | 50 x 60 cm

RICK & MORTY  $120 |  Hand-cut stencil, Acrylic on Canvas | 38 x 30 cm
We are taking orders for these at the gallery.. limited supply, contact us to get yours..

“KEEP NEW ZEALAND COLOURFUL” $160 | Spray paint, hand-cut stencil on canvas | 41 x 20 x 4 cm

Current Work:


“COVID RAT” $100 | Spray paint, Hand-cut stencil on canvas | 30.5 x 23 cm


“JACINDA BLOCK” $300 | Spray paint, 2-layer hand-cut stencil on cinder block | 19 x 19 cm (Cube)


“EXIST” Sign $120 | Spray paint, hand-cut stencil on upcycled stainless steel (Limited Edition) | 29 x 10 cm


“100% PURGE NEW ZEALAND” $100 | Spray paint, 1-Layer, hand-cut stencil on painted paper  | A3 in glassed black frame


“SAGE” Keanu Reeves $420 | Spray paint, 6-layer hand-cut stencil on canvas board | 50 x 61 cm


“HEED YOUR MIND” Sign $90 | Spray paint, 1-layer hand-cut stencil on painted MDF | 57 x 8.5 cm


“POOP ART” $75 each  | Spray paint, 5-layer hand-cut stencil on canvas | 20 x 20 cm (Individual small canvas size)