Dot Anson

Pastel Artist
I am a local Rotorua artist. I moved from Australia to NZ after marrying my husband in 2017.

I have dabbled in many mediums and also in photography. I began working in pastel in Nov 2019. I work mostly from photographs I have taken.

My art is an expression of me and how I see the world and its beauty.  The pastel medium allows me to draw and interpret the colour and light in a scene.  I paint for myself and what makes me happy, and hope that others enjoy it too.

Current Work:


‘MUM & BUB’ Giraffe $450 | Pastel – framed | 39 x 46 cm


‘YOU’VE GOT MAIL’ Mailboxes $900 | Pastel – framed | 79 x 54 cm


‘WHAT ARE YOU DOING’ Horses $360 | Pastel – framed | 31 x 36 cm