Jaykib Pattison

Digital Artist
Local Artist Jaykib (29yrs old) has lived his whole life here in Rotorua, and his day-to-day job as a saw doctor.

Jaykib has been involved in various creative endeavours ranging from drawing to home brewing to playing bass guitar.

He is a talented digital artist and his software of choice is photoshop.  It allows the complete freedom with endless choice of colour and of course no mess!

His main sources of inspiration comes from a sort of science-fiction, fantasy-like settings and his passion for metal music.

Current Work:

Unframed Prints available at the gallery:

$58  for A4 size

$98 for A3 size

Titles of pieces:

  • Angel
  • Beacons
  • Borne of Blood
  • Forest
  • Lightning
  • Lunar
  • Raptor
  • Snow Wolves
  • Spooky Trees
  • Triceratops
  • Vicar