Lynell Barnett

Mixed Media
Mixed Media, Pressed Flowers
These are my hand pressed flower creations.

I have always loved crafting and nature. When going on hikes I would collect trinkets along the way, a leaf, a feather, a flower. Then I would construct a frame as a keep sake. As my own garden grew, the ability to create gifts for friends and family bloomed. Now I aspire to create artwork that slows people down, to notice the unique curiosities in nature and to enjoy the little things.

Current Work:


White Framed | Transparent | Glass on Glass – Pressed flowers sandwiched between 2 panes | 38 x 30 cm | $110 each


FANCY FEET $50 | Wooden frame cream background | 32 x 27 cm


DEER ANTLERS $110 | Black frame white background | 45 x 32 cm


WHALE $78 | Black frame white background | 33 x 24 cm


BOUQUET $78 | Wooden frame black background | 30 x 25 cm