Mark Noble

Featured, Mural, Pencil/Sketch
Mural Artist, Rotorua Artist, Sketch Artist
Mark is an award winning artist in our very own backyard here in Rotorua.  At “The 2019 Museum Art Awards” he won both the online and gallery vote for the MORE FM PEOPLES CHOICE AWARD and it is the first time in the history of the Art Awards the same artist has won both.

Mark also has an award winning mural that you can see on the corner Malfroy & Old Taupo Rd titled “Care for the world, and it shall care for you”.
Many of his pieces are created using pencil and clay and he tries to use eco-friendly products where possible.


Current Work:

‘SMIRK 1’ -(Nun)  $315 | Limited Edition 2/10 | A3


‘CONNECTION’   $315 | Limited Edition 4/10 | A3


‘SKATE AWAY’  $315 | Limited Edition 2/10 | A3


‘SMIRK 2’ (woman from Myanmar) $315 | Limited Edition 1/10 | A3

Charcoal & Graphite sketch on paper
1100 x 900mm
A large and beautifully framed piece and very apt for all of us as we enter the NEW YEAR with all its uncertainty. We presently have this displayed in our front window at Art United a must see in person kind of piece.


The models body position show women’s warmth and kindness.  While the family tree represents the strength, all women poses.  This work demonstrates the innate connection of all humans to earth itself, and particularly so for Māori.  Māori have a strong understanding and belief of this connection.  The connection is depicted by the flowing and fading combination of the models arm moko ora with the horizon, the intertwining of the tree’s branches with the model’s hair and skin, and the model’s moko ora embedded in the tree.  Her whakapapa embedded in the tree’s trunk seeks to give strength to the model’s whakapapa through the representation of the intricacy and dynamic shapes of the tree.  This symbolises the love, growth and complexities of families and family relationships.  While the distinct light-source on the tree represents the life force and ability for the tree/whakapapa to continue to grow.