Pat McGrath

Rotorua Artist, Sculpture Artist
Local Rotorua Artist.

Now retired and finally finding the time to focus on his passion – creating magic with predominantly driftwood and recycled products, his work is unique and very well suited to a beach style home or bach.


New Work:

Longfin Eel: Scientific Name: Anguilla Dieffenbachii, AKA: “Tina” | Largest freshwater eel in New Zealand | $450 | Driftwood, paper mache & pebbles | 106cm L x  21cm D x 22cm H

(note this piece is heavy)

Current Work:

Fish $350 | 120 cm – length

Crab $350 | 80 cm – length

‘Dappa Dude’ $250 | 50 cm high – freestanding


Guitar (SOLD)