Ross Stonham

Mouth Painter
Mouth Painter – Special Guest artist from Auckland.



In 1989 I had an accident in a pool resulting in a fractured neck, C5-C6, and tetraplegia.
That was the end of my life as I knew it.
I was married with two young sons, Elliot (11 months) and Blake (2 years)
As you can imagine this completely changed my life and the family’s forever.
I was an insurance agent with AMP Society at the time and had a successful business.
Not able to continue with this, after meeting an artist with MFPA who encouraged me to paint, I was accepted as a student artist in 1995.
Painting has been and still is great therapy for me and I enjoy it immensely.  I have always had a great appreciation for the world of Art in general.
I enjoy the outdoors and the beach with my wife Sandy of 16 years, and I have a hand-bike, which I use to get out and exercise my mind and body.
We spend a good amount of time at Mt Maunganui.
My sons are now fully grown and have wonderful partners who are producing me grandchildren and we spend a lot of happy times with them.
My hopes for the future are really to enjoy good health and happiness with my wife and family.


Current Work:

HERBERTSVILLE, Southern Hawkes Bay $200 | 65 x 46 cm


HIGH COUNTRY HUT $300 | 40 x 55 cm


WILD FLOWERS $300 | 52 x 43 cm


CUPPA WITH POHUTUKAWAS $280 | 57 x 42 cm


GERBERAS IN A VASE $350 | 62 x 42 cm


DAISIES ON THE TABLE $350 | 53 x 74 cm